Disc Spotlight - Discraft Meteor

Disc Spotlight - Discraft Meteor - Skyline Disc Golf

Flight numbers

Speed: 5    Glide: 5    Turn:-3    Fade: 1

     Upon first glance of the meteor it seems rather unimpressive. But when the meteor is tasked with accomplishing a task out on the course, it always proves itself that it will be an invaluable addition to your bag for years to come. In essence it is a polar opposite of the Roc3. If you need a straight shot with a left hook, you’ll reach for the Roc3. If you need a left to right turnover shot that doesn’t necessarily have to finish left at all, grab that Meteor and send it. The beadless rim feels fantastic and will enable that clean release if you have an issue with the beaded discs catching your finger. It’s a great piece of plastic for any skill level player, and I promise it can find a place in your bag. For example, check out Vanessa Van Dyken. Van Dyken employs the Meteor for a variety of scenarios and exemplifies it’s importance in her bag so much she went so far as to crown the Meteor as her 2020 tour series disc. It can be a little touch and go in the beginning, but once you build a strong relationship with the Meteor and really learn it’s characteristics, it effectively turns itself into a “get out of jail free” card. The Meteor has to be one of my “ if you play 1 round with only 3 discs what discs would you choose” discs.   


     The Meteor is available in two plastics, Z Line and ESP. I personally have a Z Line plastic Meteor in my bag and I love how it feels. The exceptionally thin rim thickness with the rounded profile feels almost ergonomic in my hand. Very reminiscent feel of a traditional ultimate disc. Compared to a more popular Discraft mold, the rim thickness  of the Z line Meteor is roughly ¾ that  of the Z line Buzzz while also sporting a much shallower rim than the Z line Buzzz.


     In addition to discrafts Z line plastic, the Meteor is also offered by Discraft in the ESP plastic with the ESP plastic proving to be a touch more under stable than its Z-line counterpart.


• Hyzer Flip: The Z-line Meteor is one of the flippiest discs I have ever thrown. Even at a 7 o clock hyzer release it never fails to turn up to 9, sometimes flipping up a little too much and deciding to turn all the way over.

Turnover shots: the under stability of the Meteor gives it the capabilities of holding a hard right angle in the ESP plastics, while the Z-line meteor holds more of a smoother turnover than its ESP plastic brethren. More times than not, the Meteor

• Forehand flick: It also proves capable of being a niche disc in everyone’s bag. If you have a shot you need to hold a hard anny line to finish to the right or a nice little forehand flick to finish to the left, this is the disc that will get the job done 10 times out of 10.

• Midrange roller: the -3 turn on this with the 1 fade sets the table for a perfect mid range roller.

In a nutshell the Discraft Meteor is a disc that any level of player will benefit from having in their bag, and will enjoy the fruits of their selection for years to come!


Find your next Discraft Meteor HERE!

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