Lone Star Discs

Located in Conroe, Texas, Lone Star Disc is a trailblazing disc golf manufacturer that has taken the sport by storm. As the fastest-growing brand in disc golf, Lone Star set a record in 2022 by producing more new disc molds than any other brand in history. Initially a manufacturer of quality plastic products for the Texas oil fields, Lone Star's extensive experience in the plastic and molding industry has allowed them to create innovative plastics and molds, all designed and manufactured in the heart of Texas.

As a family-owned and operated business, Lone Star Disc takes great pride in being the only disc golf manufacturer that produces, stamps, and ships its own products directly from Texas. With a commitment to delivering consistent and high-quality discs to golfers around the world, Lone Star Disc is dedicated to elevating the disc golf experience for players at every level. Experience the Lone Star difference and discover how this Texas-based brand is revolutionizing the world of disc golf.