Disc Golf Discs

Shop our vast array of disc golf discs from a wide variety of manufacturers! We have discs from US-made manufacturers, like Discraft, Innova, and MVP Disc Sports, as well as internationally-made discs from Kastaplast, Trilogy, and Discmania. 

Don't blindly buy disc golf discs. Select the actual disc pictured with us and never wonder what you'll get when the package arrives! 

Let's see just some of what we have to offer.

Axiom Discs

One-third of the MVP Disc Sports brand of discs. Axiom is the sister brand of MVP that uses its patented GYRO technology. With molds like the Crave, Envy, Rhythm, Panic, Hex, and Pyro, this is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers in the disc golf game.

MVP Disc Sports

The namesake of the MVP Disc Sports family of brands, MVP has a huge stable of some of the most popular molds in disc golf. The Glitch, Nomad, Terra, Uplink, Atom and Nitro are just a handful of the best-selling molds of this brand. This wide variety and quality of manufacturing are quickly making this brand one of the most popular.

Strealine Discs

The non-GYRO brand of the MVP Disc Sports lineup. Streamline has a healthy lineup of discs that include the Jet, Lift, Drift, Pilot and Trace. Perfect for fans that love the quality of the MVP product but are not a fan of the GYRO overmold.


Synonymous with Paul McBeth, Discraft is an American-made disc golf manufacturer based out of Michigan. Known for their high-quality products, some of their most popular molds are the Buzzz, Zone, Nuke, Raptor, Undertaker and Luna. You can't go wrong with anything with the Discraft name stamped on them.


Based out of Sweden, Discmania took over its own manufacturing process in 2022 and makes some of the best-looking and best-flying discs in the industry. Some of the staples of the Discmania lineup are the P1 and P2, the DD1 and DD3, the Cloud Breaker, and the PD.

Dynamic Discs

One-third of the Trilogy family of disc golf brands. Based in Emporia, Kansas, Dynamic Discs has evolved from a company started in a dorm room to one of the most recognized names in disc golf. The Emac Truth, Felon, Maverick, Evader, Escape, and Raider are some of the most popular molds.

Latitude 64

Based out of Sweden Latitude 64 manufactures all of their own molds along with Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs (hence the Trilogy name). Latitude 64 has quickly become a go-to in the disc golf world. Some of the most recognized molds are the River, Explorer, Pure, Rive, Maul, and Dagger.


The oldest and most established name in disc golf is Innova Champion Discs. Founded by the godfather of disc golf, Dave Dunipace, Innova has been at the forefront of the industry since the early 1980s. They have a vast array of discs to choose from, like the Aviar, Beast, Boss, Mamba, Tern, Shryke, Destroyer and Wraith just to name a few.