MVP Discs

MVP Disc Sports

MVP Disc Sports, established in 2010, is renowned for its innovative approach to disc golf technology, particularly its patented GYRO™ Overmold Technology. This unique technology involves a dual-polymer design where the central core of the disc is made from a different material than the outer rim, allowing for superior stability and performance. This innovation is a testament to MVP's commitment to pushing the boundaries of disc golf by harnessing the principles of physics to enhance disc aerodynamics, linear momentum, and angular momentum.

The brand, founded by two brothers with a deep passion for disc golf and an extensive background in their father’s plastic injection molding shop, has always been at the forefront of technological advancements within the sport. Their experience in two-step molding processes has been instrumental in creating discs that offer distinct flight enhancements, setting MVP apart from traditional single mold discs.

MVP Disc Sports' mission to advance the sport of disc golf is evident in its dedication to in-house production, which began in earnest in 2019. This move towards self-reliance has allowed for greater experimentation and innovation, leading to the creation of unique products that resonate with both enthusiasts and professional players. The brand's lineup includes well-known models such as the Tesla, Inertia, and Ion, all of which are designed to meet a variety of playing styles and preferences.

Moreover, MVP's environmental consciousness is reflected in their R2 plastic line, which is made from recycled materials, emphasizing the brand's commitment to sustainability within the sport. This, combined with their high-tech approach to disc design and manufacturing, positions MVP Disc Sports as a leader in the disc golf industry, continually seeking to enhance the playing experience through technological innovation and a deep passion for the game.