Disc Spotlight - Latitude 64 Explorer

Disc Spotlight - Latitude 64 Explorer - Skyline Disc Golf

Flight Numbers

Speed: 7    Glide: 5    Turn: 0    Fade: 2

     There is one disc that you will find almost universally in the bags of Trilogy throws. That is the Latitude 64 Explorer. The reason is, simply, because it’s as versatile as it gets. It doesn’t matter who you are: guy, girl, beginner, pro, high arm speed or low arm speed. This is a disc that finds its way into disc golfer’s bags across the entire spectrum.
     The Explorer is the quintessential point-and-shoot disc. A straight flyer that will hold whatever angle you put it on. Out of the box they may be a little overstable but won’t dump left (RHBH). When they beat in they have a little turn to them but are still resistant to turning over completely, even when thrown with a lot of power. That is part of what makes this disc special. It’s not a really overstable disc by any means. Yet players with a lot of power can really rip it, know it will handle that power and maintain it’s turn resistance.
     It’s right on the money in all phases. The rim is comfortable for small and large hands alike. It’s not real flat and not real domey. It’s not super fast but is still noticeably faster than your mids. For all these reasons, this is my favorite disc. It’s predictable, smooth and honestly just a lot of fun.


     The Explorer is offered in Opto, Opto air, Opto X, Opto Moonshine, and Gold Line plastics. Personally I like just the traditional Opto. It’s durable and is a great choice for cycling. If you’re a fan of the more gummy/grippy plastics, you may try the Gold Line. If you really like the Explorer but are wanting something a little more overstable, then the Opto X or Opto Moonshine would be your best bet. They will be more overstable out of the box and stay overstable longer than the regular Opto plastic will.


I really want to just put “anything” and be done with it

Holding angles: Big hyzers or anhyzers. It will stay on whatever line you put it on
Straight shots: For when your staring down a tunnel shot or have a straight shot at the basket
Backhand or Forehand: The Explorer is very comfortable in the hand. The rim isn’t too large making it very easy on players of any hand size to throw backhand or forehand.
Confidence: Whether it’s an off day for you or just a stretch of bad holes. The controllability, comfort and versatility of the Explorer make it easy to reach for even in a funk.


Find your Latitude 64 Explorer HERE

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