Disc Spotlight - Prodigy Discs H4V2

Disc Spotlight - Prodigy Discs H4V2 - Skyline Disc Golf

Flight Numbers

 Speed: 10    Glide: 5    Turn: -2    Fade: 1.5 

     The H4V2 is a beautiful piece of plastic engineering from Prodigy discs. When given the opportunity to feel the disc in the hand, you will instantly understand that this is a control driver that was not created just like the rest. The rim sports a rather ergonomic feel when held with the traditional power grip, providing a next level of comfort when setting up for your tee shot or a moderately long approach shots.

     I recently bagged one of these myself. I knew instantly that this was going to be a fun disc to get a good rip on, and my goodness was I right. The thing that instantly drew me in was the non typical feel of the rim in my hand. On the top of the flight plate as you inch closer towards the rim, the rim begins to angle itself downwards at a steeper angle of sorts that feels so natural when gripped and lends itself to a smooth release immediately out of the hand. Like I stated above, the disc has a very ergonomic feel to it.

This disc is the great bridge for the beginner-intermediate player that is really starting to get their form dialed in and is thinking of dabbling in the world of distance drivers. With each round I get the chance to play, the H4V2 proves time and time again that it can truly be a work horse for me out on the course.


     I would have to personally recommend the 750 plastic. The 750 plastic from prodigy is more durable, typically takes on more stable characteristics which couples perfectly with the H4V2s under stable flight path setting itself up for beautiful flex shots, and straight shots. If you’re a beginner finally breaking into distance drivers, give the H4V2 a try. I would consider it a brilliant stepping stone to breaking in to the world of distance drivers.


  • Hyzer Flips: My favorite use for the H4V2 has to be putting it on a hyzer line and letting it flip up to flat. It feels so effortless with this disc, and I hope it proves the same to you too. I like that it isn’t as fast as a traditional distance driver, but it still has the capabilities to really give you a solid flight with a good amount of power and speed.
  • Turnovers: Throw it flat or with a slight anny for when you need a shot to finish to the right on a RHBH throw.
  • Sidearm/Forehand: Whether you are a player who is just starting to work on their sidearm game or predominantly a sidearm thrower this will be a great option. For the newer players it will be forgiving and allow you to work from a hyzer angle without being too overstable. More advanced sidearm throwers will enjoy it’s hyzer-flip capabilities while maintaining a reliable fade
  • Wooded shots: With its -2 turn and 1.5 fade this disc is ideal for shaping lines during wooded play. 


Find your Prodigy Disc H4V2 HERE!

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