The Usual Suspects - Las Vegas Challenge

The Usual Suspects - Las Vegas Challenge - Skyline Disc Golf

     The first stop of the Disc Golf Pro Tour is held at The Wildhorse Disc Golf Club in Henderson, NV. If you ask me this is one of the prettiest places on the entire tour. Maybe it’s my excitement for the season start talking, but in my opinion, all three courses at Wildhorse are beautiful! The palm trees, fountains, manicured grass, landscaping, even the sand traps are pretty. While each of these courses are beautiful, they do present their fair share of problems. Playing on ball golf courses, they are wide open. They have some lengthy holes, some technical short holes and OB and Hazards are everywhere. Players will need a combination of power and touch to navigate these wide open courses. Let’s see the lineup this week. 


Calvin Heimburg: In 2019 Calvin won this event, and then followed it up with a 10th place finish in 2020. As we already know Calvin can mash. As one of the brightest young stars in disc golf, his game is well rounded and consistent. It should be no surprise to see his name on our list.

Ricky Wysocki: You can’t ever count out the “Sockibomb.” It seems as though his name is never far from the top of the leaderboard in any event. The only guy in this group that has top 10 finishes in each of the last three years. There is no doubt Wysocki has the skills to carve up all three courses at The Wildhorse Disc Golf Club.

Eagle McMahon **MY PICK TO WIN**: Eagle is another one of the young superstars in disc golf. His unbelievable distance backhand and forehand make him a threat to fellow competitors on any course. Eagle won here in 2018, finshed 2nd in 2019 and missed the event in 2020. He’s as close to a sure-thing to have a bounce back performance here as you’re going to find.

Philo Brathwaite: Philo may not have the ability to mash like some of the other names on this list, but what he does have is experience and the Disc Golf IQ to get the job done. He knows his limits and plays to his strengths. Philo has done well at this event in the past, notching two top 10 finishes in the last three years. I would expect nothing different this year.

Eric Oakley: Oakley is another one that you might not put on the list of traditional “bombers.” However, the dude can still rip it. He is one of the best sidearm throwers in the game, a skill that will prove useful at this event. Oakley finished T8 in each of the last 2 years at this event. I would not be shocked if he cracks the top 5 this year

Garrett Gurthie: This guy had the highlight of the tournament last season. An Ace on a 432’ par 4!! Nate Sexton narrowly escaped with a win over Gurthie last year, besting the bomber by two strokes in the end. Double G’s game sets up well for this event. His distance off the tee will eat up the large open courses at this event. Inconsistent putting has been an issue for Gurthie but the combination of distance and touch approaches with his Sonic should set him up for short putts, negating the issue.

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