Tournament Rundown - Dynamic Discs Open

Tournament Rundown - Dynamic Discs Open - Skyline Disc Golf

Round 1: The first round did not disappoint! Eagle McMahon and Calvin Heimburg shot out of the gate with a blistering 14 under for the round. Hot on their heals were Chris Dickerson, Ben Callaway and Andrew Presnell, who all avoided a single bogey on the day. All that said the surprise of the day could very well could have been Brodie Smith who, if not for 3 penalties on hole 11 and 12, may very well have been playing on a lead card on the second day. The second biggest surprise on the first day was, undoubtedly, the lack of wind. Winds on the first day barely topped 10 MPH, which is incredibly abnormal for Emporia, KS. Taking advantage of this was the key to getting a leg up after the first day.

Round 2: The second and final day at Jones Gold saw a bit more wind, with gusts up to 20 MPH, but Ricky Wysocki was still able to play an event record 15 under to stay 2 shots from the lead. It was a three way tie for first going into the clubhouse at the end of the day. Eagle McMahon, Calvin Heimburg and Ben Callaway were all sitting at 27 under through 36 holes going into the first round at Emporia Country Club on Friday. There were no huge surprised on the second day of play. Paul McBeth was able to climb from 10th after the first day on Jones Gold to 5th after the second round and within spitting distance of the lead card. 

Round 3: The third round, and first at Emporia Country Club, played entirely different than the first two days of play at Jones Gold. The wind began whipping up and started to come into play and the course began to favor players who had a bit more control over their drives and approach shots. OB began to come into play, as well. Eagle and Calvin were able to keep pace with the field and both finished tied for the lead with Paul McBeth, who played a field best 9 under, on the day. Paul Ulibarri was able to climb into the Top 10 after the third round after submitting the second best card on the day with only 2 bogeys and only having to take one penalty. 

Round 4: The final round was the Paul McBeth Show. Not much can be said other than this is the reason he nickname is McBeast. Going into the round McBeth, Eagle and Heimburg were tied for 1st. At the end of the day, McBeth won by 6 strokes. Heimburg seemed to have a Jekyll and Hyde kind of round, carding 6 birdies on the front to go along with 5 bogeys on the back. The highlight of the round, however, had to have been hole 16. The centerpiece of Emporia Country Club is an island green with OB behind the newly installed wall. The featured card saw all of the leaders either go in the water or go OB behind the green. After Eagle, McBeth and Heimburg laid from the drop zone for their bogeys Wysocki threw a beautiful 70 footer and hit nothing but chains to save par. This capped off such an emotional tournament for Ricky and it was a great thing to see. 


  • There were two nine under cards submitted in the final round. The first being Paul McBeth but the other being Nolan Ramser who climbed 31 spots to finish tied for 18 with Casey White.
  • Thanks to low wind and the addition to playing at Jones Gold this year, we got to see some exciting rounds with a lot of scoring. 
  • Brodie Smith continues to improve on his 2020 freshman campaign. After finishing tied for 232nd in the Pro Tour standings he sits 43rd in the Pro Tour stands and 21st in the National Tour standings. 
  • It was an incredibly emotional tournament for Ricky Wysocki with news of his sister's passing last week. While he couldn't quite pull off the win, he did hit that miraculous putt from the drop zone on 16 in the final round and whipped the crowd into a fervor. 

"The Usual Suspect" finishes:

  • Nate Sexton: T37
  • JohnE McCray: T37
  • Casey White: T18
  • Paul McBeth: 1st
  • Andrew Presnell: T9
  • Ricky Wysocki: T2
  • Calvin Heimburg: T4

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