Tournament Rundown - Las Vegas Challenge

Tournament Rundown - Las Vegas Challenge - Skyline Disc Golf


Round 1: The wind played a factor on Day 1 and affected some player’s rounds. Keeping discs from OB was the key to staying at the top. Calvin Heimburg overcame a double bogey on hole 1 to lead the tournament at -12. All-in-all, fairly quiet first day. Nothing crazy, players you would expect were at the top. 

Round 2: Day 2 offered up the real fireworks. There were monster rounds all over thanks to the wind dying down! Ezra Aderhold took the lead with a staggering 1100 rated, -16 round. Jeremy Koling (up 38 spots) and Brian Earhart (^53) put up massive -13 rounds. -12 rounds were carded by Paul McBeth, Eagle McMahon and Garrett Gurthie. Rounding out the notable rounds with a -11 scorecard were Clint Calvin, Drew Gibson (^20), Adam Hammes (^39) and Ty Love (^50)

Round 3: The big story on Day 3 was Eagle’s 10 under on the back 9 to take the lead. Ezra took a step back only shooting -3 on the day. Drew Gibson followed up his -11 under performance with another -11. Nate Sexton had a big -10 day.

Round 4: Eagle shot another ridiculous -13 to win by 8 strokes. Kevin Jones stepped up on the final day, jumping to 7th with a -12. Ezra bounced back with a -11, finishing the tournament tied for 2nd place. Paul McBeth had an unusual “bad” round with 7 OB throws dropping 6 spots to 9th place and finishing the day with -3.

Storylines of the weekend:

  • A star may have been born this weekend in Ezra Aderhold.
  • Eagle McMahon scorecards for the weekend: -11, -12, -12, -13. This guy was locked in.
  • James Conrad didn’t skip a beat in his first tournament with MVP.
  • Paul McBeth had a good tournament. But by McBeth standards struggled.

“The Usual Suspects” Finishes:

  • Calvin Heimburg: T2nd
  • Ricky Wysocki: 5th
  • Eagle McMahon (my winner pick): 1st
  • Philo Brathwaite: T19th
  • Eric Oakley: T21st
  • Garrett Gurthie: 4th

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