The Usual Suspects - DGLO

The Usual Suspects - DGLO - Skyline Disc Golf

Welcome to this week’s version of's usual suspects rundown! This next stop on the disc golf pro tour will be played  at Kensington Park in Milford Michigan on the world famous Toboggan course. The DGLO is an event with a storied past and I can’t wait to see what we have in store for us this year. The top 5 from last year’s tournament was Eagle McMahon, Ricky Wysocki, Chris Dickerson, Kevin Jones, and James Conrad, respectively. This field is absolutely stacked once again with the best of the best being in attendance setting the table for an epic weekend of disc golf.

The toboggan course at Kensington Park is one of the most challenging courses on tour every year. Players will need to be surgical in hitting their precise lines with these tight fairways but also be able to account for the numerous elevation changes that take place on this course. Add in a few heavily wooded holes and we quickly see why this course gives even the best players some rough outings. This course is a monstrous 10,210’ par 63, so there will be birdie opportunities for the big arms. Players will need to strike hard and fast when given the chance because the DGLO is only a 3 round event. One rough round would expel a player from contending for that coveted 1st place. With all of that being said, let’s get into our Usual Suspects for this week.

Chris Clemons: Chris comes in tied for 14th on the Pro Tour but only has two top 10s thus far. He finished 15th, 11th and 39th at his previous three showing at this event. He has the control that this course requires to go along with his scrambling ability. Not to mention I feel like this course could favor a southpaw with his skill set given some of the reworks to this course.

Simon Lizotte: the DGLO will be Simon's third full weekend on the Pro Tour after taking time off at the start of the season to recuperate his elbow. Still looking for his first Top 5 finish this year but he looks to have gained even more control off the tee by having to dial back his distance. 

Eagle McMahon: He won here last year and is one of the hottest players on tour at the moment. He has great forehand control, which will help him keep the disc down and out of trouble.

Calvin Heimburg: Finished 6th last year and 4th the year before at the event. Like Eagle, he is one of the best players on tour and looks to extend his record of consecutive top 5 finishes on the Pro Tour. 

Kyle Klein: Finished last years tournament with a top 10 finish and comes into this event 12th in the DGPT points standings. Has a win on the Silver Series but is still searching for the win in a full points event.


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