Weight - Color (Stamp): 174g - Yellow (Silver Wood Grain) Plastic: Meta Discmania Essence Zen 2 - Nate Perkins Signature Series

Discmania Essence Zen 2 - Nate Perkins Signature Series

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Discmania Essence Zen 2 - Nate Perkins Signature Series


Nate Perkins’ second signature release of the Meta Essence brings a new balance to your fairway and distance game. Attacking the course efficiently requires a thoughtful mindset, and the Zen is the perfect disc to do it with. Any player will find their own creative use with what fits their own throwing style best.

It's no secret that Team Discmania's Nate Perkins is a fan of discs that are able to pull off some fancy moves. Being one of the most versatile discs in our lineup, the Essence works perfectly as Nate's Signature Series model.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 8
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 1


Meta Plastic
The Meta plastic is a beautiful, pearly and extremely durable blend. Compared to Neo and Lux plastics, the Meta plastic is slightly more stable. The iridescent qualities of Meta plastic will make the disc change colors in any lighting condition when tilted at different angles, making it an even more unique experience.

Customer Reviews

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It goes so far!!!

About a year ago I my backhand distance drives plateaued at around 300ft with most of my discs. So I started researching and experimenting with new discs. I ironed out my form, and tried some lower speed discs like the essence. This disc along with some others helped me learn how to hyzerflip, and throw flex shots. The essence became 1 of if not my farthest flying disc shortly after I learned a thing or 2 and I can almost throw my new one 500ft!! Throwing these bad boys on a slight hyzer at about 80% power is one of my favorites things to do now especially on a nice wide open tee box with some wind at my back. It has potential for some excellent shot shapes in wooded areas as well. Awesome disc, plastic is damn near perfect too.


Plastic feels amazing and has an awesome pearly effect. Love it