Champion: 173-75g - Red (Black) Plastic: Champion Innova Shryke
Champion: 171g - Yellow (Deep Red Foil) Plastic: Champion Innova Shryke
Champion: 173-75g - Orange (Chrome Glitter) Plastic: Star Innova Shryke

Innova Shryke

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Innova Shryke

The Shryke is a distance driver that is simple to throw and works well for a wide range of players. A gentle high-speed turn puts the Shryke in glide mode, which, combined with its high, aerodynamic speed, gives it incredible range. The low-speed fade is mild and manageable, making it simple to stay on the fairway. The Shryke is similar to the popular Tern in appearance, but it is faster and more stable at higher speeds.

Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 2


Champion Plastic
Our Champion line is produced with a hi-tech plastic that provides outstanding performance and durability. Champion discs are distinguished by a beautiful clear appearance. Designed for professional players, Champion line discs are usually a little firmer and more stable than the same model in other plastics. Whether used in heavily wooded situations, or on extremely rugged courses, our Champion line plastic will continue to perform predictably and avoid damage better than any other plastic. Most Champion line discs are available for custom hot stamping.

Customer Reviews

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Nick McKenzie

I enjoyed the Shryke when I had mine (lost it in the river) I just found that it was really hard to find that sweet spot with it and I think it's because a 13 speed it's just barely to fast for my arm. I got a full flight out of it a couple time and it went super far, but those throws were few and far between. I would either put to much anhyzer on it and turn it over, or I would throw it flat and it would hyzer out. Good disc just not for me I'll stick to a Destroyer!

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