Weight - Color (Stamp): 174g - Gray (Matte Black) *1001* Plastic: Retro Burst Latitude 64 Dagger
Weight - Color (Stamp): 173g - Blue (Teal Blue Foil) Plastic: Zero Hard Latitude 64 Dagger
Weight - Color (Stamp): 175g - Smoke Burst (Red Foil) Plastic: Retro Latitude 64 Dagger
Weight - Color (Stamp): 174g - Blue Burst (Silver Foil) Plastic: Retro Latitude 64 Dagger
Weight - Color (Stamp): 174g - Orange Burst (Gold Foil) *1019* Plastic: Retro Latitude 64 Dagger

Latitude 64 Dagger

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Latitude 64 Dagger

The Dagger is a deep dish putter with a bead. The deep dish means that more air can be trapped underneath the disc, making the Dagger stay longer in the air. The slow and stable flight gives you more control in your short game.

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Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 2
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 1

  • Plastics

    Retro Plastic
    The mid-80s was a great time. Disc Golf had just come all the way up to Latitude 64 and we played all through the night in the midnight sun. Translucent discs were far from being invented and all discs were understable with today's standards. We remember those days with nostalgic feelings and wanted a plastic that would remind us of how it used to be. For a long time, we have had requests that we should make discs that could be broken in more easily. Test after test after test led us to this new plastic blend that we have named Retro.

    Zero Plastic
    Zero Line is the grippy putter plastic used in our putters and approach discs. It is chosen for the good grip and feel you need in your short game. With three different stiffness levels (Soft, Medium, Hard) you will surely find your favorite.

    Customer Reviews

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    Great Putter

    So I recently switch from a Warden to the Dagger, and I've gotta say I'm definitely not regretting it! The wardens are great, I just felt like I was hitting the bottom of the basket alot when using them. The Dagger has that little bit of extra glide and, I guess it could be in my head, but I am much more confident with a Dagger in my hand! I like the Zero Hard ones, the same one that Ricky uses.

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