Dynamic Discs Plastics

Dynamic Discs Plastics - Skyline Disc Golf

Moonshine:Glow-in-Dark, Durable Plastic

  • Ideal for night play
  • Shares the durability of Lucid plastic
  • Slightly more overstable, providing a reliable and consistent flight path.
  • Known for combining durability with aesthetic appeal

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Fuzion: Durable, Grippy, Premium Blend

  • Ruggedness of Lucid plastic with a non-transparent, grippy material
  • provides players with additional grip, enhancing control
  • Reliable performance that can adapt to a wide range of shots
  • Offered in various colors to suit your preference

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Lucid:  Durable Translucent Performance

  • Unparalleled durability and visual appeal
  • Built to withstand tough conditions while maintaining a consistent flight
  • More overstable nature than other plastics
  • Built to take a beating without losing its flight characteristics

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Lucid Air: Feather-Light Durable Plastic

  • durability of the original Lucid plastic but with microbubbles to reduce weight
  • No sacrifice to the robustness and longevity of Lucid
  • The lighter weight of the discs aids in achieving greater distances
  • Offer a unique blend of lightweight durability and consistency across conditions​

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Fluid: Ultimate Grip Flex Plastic

  • Its remarkable flexibility, offers a unique feel
  • Exceptional grip, making it easier for players to maintain control
  • Built to withstand the rigors of the course
  • Offers a balance of stability and flexibility.

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BioFuzion: Sustainable Performance Plastic

  • Eco-conscious choice without sacrificing performance​
  • Combines the durability of premium plastics with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly
  • Maintains consistent flight characteristics and provides excellent grip
  • Reduces unnecessary waste and lowers disc golf’s carbon footprint

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Classic Super Soft: Ultimate Grip Soft Plastic

  • Designed for unparalleled softness, providing maximum grip and control
  • Texture ensures a comfortable grip even in adverse weather conditions
  • Allows for better chain grip upon landing
  • Designed for durability, offering a reliable option for players

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Classic Soft: Superior Grip Flex Plastic

  • Exceptional grip, providing players with improved control and precision
  • Forgiving on missed putts by absorbing impact and reducing bounce-outs
  • Enhances the ability to stick to chains and settle into the basket
  • Maintains its superior grip and performance qualities in various weather conditions

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Classic Blend: Balanced Feel Precision Plastic

  • Ideal balance between the firmness and flexibility
  • Excellent grip that improves control and consistency
  • Reliable performance in various weather conditions
  • Durability and responsiveness needed to withstand regular use

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Classic: Firm Grip Base Plastic

  • Firm and Grippy
  • Ideal choice for beginners
  • Especially suited for putters
  • Maintains its grip and performance

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Prime: Grip-Focused Value Plastic

  • Cost-effective option, offering performance and affordability
  • Excellent grip ensures a secure hold in all weather conditions
  • May show wears faster than premium plastics
  • Ideal for new players learning the game

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Supreme: Elite Grip and Durability

  • Unmatched grip, durability, and comfort
  • Incorporates innovative NexEdge and NexFeel technologies
  • Designed for Stability and Performance
  • Perfect balance of feel and flex in each mold

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